All-Star MVP Draft

blog_100214paugasolintroWatching the Super Bowl is always fun on its own … but if you’re like me, things are always a bit more interesting when you make a gentleman’s bet with your buddies about such unknowns as the MVP.

Sadly, I had Peyton Manning vs. (’s) Ty Nowell’s Drew Brees in the Saints victory over Indianapolis. Chalk one up for the webmaster. And while we tend to make selections on most everything (example: MTV RW-RR Challenges), my first chance at revenge comes during the NBA’s All-Star game on Sunday at the amazing Cowboy’s Stadium.

Last year in Phoenix, Ty had Kobe Bryant and I Shaquille O’Neal on respective rosters, and as the former teammates ended up sharing MVP honors, neither of us were pleased (who wants a push).

Earlier, we went through a snake style draft while sitting courtside and recording a podcast (click play below the picks) to explain our selections. Below are our Top 5 picks.

Ty: 1) Dirk Nowitzki: Home-town favorite.
Me: 2) LeBron James: Most likely to lead in FGA’s and minutes.
Me: 3) Kevin Durant: Upstart pick, mix of talent & excitement.
Ty: 4) Dwyane Wade: Handcuff for Dirk if East wins.
Ty: 5) Deron Williams: Hometown kid, something to prove.
Me: 6) Steve Nash: Teammates love him, maybe 20 dimes.
Me: 7) Dwight Howard: Sheer size combo w/excitement.
Ty: 8) Chris Bosh: Another home-towner, plus skills.
Ty: 9) Joe Johnson: Lots of minutes, raw scorer.
Me: 10) Pau Gasol: Homer pick.
Me: 11) Carmelo Anthony: Scores more easily than anyone.
Ty:12) Paul Pierce: Pierce loves his shot after 3-point win.