Lakers Among League Leaders

59660853With LA’s unusual four-day break from games, we took a look at how some Lakers rank individually amongst the league leaders.

Kobe Bryant’s rank in scoring, with 28.0 points per game.

Andrew Bynum’s rank in field goal percentage with his solid 56.8 percent average.

Pau Gasol’s rank in rebounding with 11.1 per game, though he has yet to qualify for the official leader board due to his 17 missed games.

Bryant’s rank in minutes per game with a 38.6 average that he thinks will go down a bit leading into the playoffs (citing the 17 games missed by Gasol as increasing his early-season average).

Also, Gasol’s rank in blocked shots with his 1.82 per game, up from just 1.0 last season.

Bryant’s rank in steals with his 1.67 per game.

Lamar Odom’s rank on the glass with his 10.1 corralled per game.

Bynum’s rank in blocked shots with his 1.47 swats per game.

Gasol’s rank in field goal percentage with his 52.0 percent average, more impressive considering the amount of outside shots he takes in addition to his low post moves.

Bryant’s league rank in assists, as his 4.6 dimes per game lead the Lakers, Gasol and Odom tied for second with 3.5 per game.

Bynum’s rank in rebounding with 8.2 per game, an impressive number still considering the boards snatched away by Gasol and Odom.

Artest’s rank in three-point shooting with his 39.2% from distance, tops on the team.