Phil Jackson Pre-Dallas

Phil Jackson addressed assembled media before realizing that Caron Butler would not play in Wednesday night’s game due to a temporary reaction to some medicine that he took, so his answer (on video above) to the first question won’t apply to this game.

In response to a quesiton about Odom’s poor game on Tuesday in Memphis, Jackson declared that his versatile sub would be fine and that he isn’t someone the coaching staff worries about. “We don’t worry that much about Lamar,” he said. “He’s a pro and he knows how to get himself ready.” Jackson added that Odom isn’t like a Jason Terry, J.R. Smith or Manu Ginobili where quick offense might be available since Odom isn’t a quick-offense guy; in other words, sometimes he needs some time to get into the flow of the game.

The head coach also addressed how having Gasol, who didn’t play against Dallas last time the teams met, changes things particularly as related to Dirk Nowitzki. Jackson said that Gasol has shown the ability to guard him at times, but at others he hasn’t liked what he’s seen.

Jackson’s final note was that Kobe responded just fine to his first game back from injury.