Shannon Brown Thumb Update

Shannon Brown offered an update on his sprained right thumb prior to Thursday’s game in Miami that he suffered while blocking a Dahntay Jones shot against Indiana on Tuesday.

“I didn’t know how it bent or how it stretched out of place, I just knew I blocked the shot and my thumb started throbbing,” he said. “It does (affect me), when I’m dribbling, shooting and all that. But it’s fine, it’s not going to change my activity out there.”

“It should be all right,” added Phil Jackson. “He has a sprain, but he’ll be OK.”

Brown said that he was glad that he blocked the shot clean and wasn’t called for a foul on the play, which would have been a “double whammy.”

Brown also knew that he had comfort in numbers, since Jordan Farmar, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest have also suffered varying finger injuries throughout the season.