Injury Update: Andrew Bynum

D072184111.jpgWe caught up with Andrew Bynum, who will miss his fifth consecutive game when the Lakers play New Orleans on Monday night, in the locker room to discuss his progress from a strained left Achilles:

MT: Phil Jackson said that there’s still no firm timetable as to when you might return, but that you’re at least not experiencing pain while walking at this point? How are you feeling today?
Bynum: I can walk pretty much without pain. I still can’t turn the ankle either way and I’m taped up and stuff. That’s just kind of where it’s at; it is getting better.

MT: This is a much different type of thing you experienced the last two years with differing knee injuries, at least…
Bynum: It’s nowhere near as serious. It’s just something that needs to get all the way better so that you don’t have a chronic issue. That’s what we’re trying to avoid right now, and want to get it back to where it’s normal going into the playoffs.

MT: So in short, once it’s healed, you don’t have to worry about it like you might a knee?
Bynum: For sure.

MT: Are you worried at all about your conditioning when you get back?
Bynum: I should be able to be right back. I’m going to have to just go at it in practices. It hasn’t even been two weeks, and I should be feeling better when we get back home. Do the reevaluation with the doctors, they can tell me what’s going on, possibly take an MRI and take it from there.

Phil Jackson added some comments about Bynum before the game as well:

I haven’t put any timetable on Andrew at all. We were hoping it would be a couple of weeks, but right now we’ll just let that one go. When he’s ready to go, we’ll notify you. He just started walking without comfort about two days ago. He feels free enough to walk without the boot on.