Phil Jackson Postgame Reaction

Since the Lakers aren’t practicing on Tuesday in Atlanta, lets revisit Phil Jackson’s postgame comments from New Orleans Arena after L.A.’s 108-100 loss to the Hornets:

On the game: “I told the guys I didn’t like the first half, obviously, the bench couldn’t get things going in the second quarter and they got a distant lead. We came back right after the start of the third quarter but we couldn’t sustain. They picked it up a little bit, got some blocked shots and created some turnovers and got a little advantage there after we got back in the ballgame. They just stepped up to a level that we didn’t reach.”

On Kobe Bryant: “He was getting double and triple-teamed, and he was getting the ball out to guys for shots and we just didn’t shoot the two-point shot well at all. We had a couple here and a couple there. We weren’t consistent at all.”

On the trouble with three-pointers: “It’s all well and good to get the ball swung, but if you are not making the three you have to go back inside and you have to penetrate off the dribble. That was the message. And there are nights you are not going to shoot the three-ball well so that was it.”

If you’d prefer the video, click below:

Post Hornets Part I

Post Hornets Part II