Walton Plays 8 Minutes, Feels Good

60080903Lakers forward Luke Walton played in a game for the first time since Feb. 10, earning eight minutes to produce two assists and provide some defensive energy without attempting a shot.

Walton was on the floor to start the fourth quarter, helping the Lakers trim an 8-point Spurs lead down to three before checking out moments later.

“As a bench player you have to find a way to get active in the game besides that but it can be difficult and tough a lot of times just throw the ball down to Kobe (Bryant) and the ball down to Pau (Gasol) and they make plays,” he said. “You’ve still have to somehow to get in there.”

As for his back, which has limited him to just 25 of 77 games this season?

“It felt good,” he said. “The back felt good out there. My timing was a little off but that will come, that’s nothing. But it was fun to be back out there.”