4/8 Injury Update: Andrew Bynum

Injury Update: Andrew Bynum” is a title you’ll likely see a few more times before the regular season is over.

The latest version, from Denver, found Bynum saying that he might not risk returning to action before the playoffs begin on his still tender left Achilles, saying that playing too early could bring “another possibility to go back a couple steps.”

Bynum did not, however, rule out returning for the final two regular season contests on April 13 and 14 against Sacramento and the L.A. Clippers.

“I told both Andrew and Kobe that it’s more important that they go into the playoffs with a good set of legs, and we’re really positive about that,” said Phil Jackson. “Andrew coming back in the last two games was just not feasible, it’s better to rest him until the playoffs start or even into the playoffs before he plays.”

While Bynum’s initial comments were in line with Jackson’s statement, the 22-year-old center went on to say that he definitely planned on playing in L.A.’s first playoff game, no matter what.

“I’m going to play in the first playoff game,” he said. “Have to.”

Bynum Learning Spanish
Even while being interviewed about his potential return to action, Bynum had his laptop resting on his knees and special headphones around his neck. They weren’t there, however, to listen to music or watch movies, but instead to learn Spanish. Bynum, both smart and curious (it’s rare that you’ll find him without a book), is on a mission to learn Spanish, having purchased Rosetta Stone’s Spanish package.

Bynum said that living in Southern California is an impetus towards learning the language, in addition to his general desire to learn new things.