Bryant Out for Final Two Games

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant will not play in L.A.’s final two games of the regular season due to the avulsion fracture on his right index finger.

L.A. plays the Kings on Tuesday and Clippers on Wednesday, which will be the eighth and ninth games missed this season by No. 24.

After Monday afternoon’s practice, Lamar Odom was asked if he thought Kobe’s absence would affect his rhythm in the playoffs.

“We know how good Kobe is,” Odom answered. “He won’t have a problem. I don’t care if he missed 50 games.”

Phil Jackson, however, acknowledged that he’s “concerned but not worried” about Bryant’s injuries, but thinks increased practice time can get him back in rhythm.

“I think he’ll find a way,” said Jackson. “We’ll have harder practices. We’ll have practice time. There should be two to three days between our (final) game and the start of the playoffs, so I think he’ll find a rhythm.”

Jackson suggested that some of Bryant’s struggles of late are due to his choice of shots, which the head coach suggested have been tougher than usual and contributed to his poor shooting.

Jackson added that Bryant text messaged him at about 8 p.m. on Sunday night suggesting that he’d be better off resting on Tuesday and Wednesday.