Bynum Looks “Great” In Long Practice

Lakers center Andrew Bynum participated in his first full practice since straining his left Achilles back on March 19, which assembled reporters saw first hand when Bynum remained on the floor for 5-on-5 full court drills at the conclusion of practice.

Judging from both his comments and the thoughts of Phil Jackson, Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, the news is all good for L.A., as the Lakers were 3-0 against first round opponent Oklahoma City when Bynum played during the regular season.

Andrew Bynum: “I’m feeling really well. Feeling good. I thought that the inside of the ankle was going to hurt a little bit, but it feels good. I’m going to ice it and continue to do the therapy so it doesn’t revert.”

Phil Jackson: “We’re very pleased. He’s certainly not in any space where he feels totally like he’s back, but we’re pleased that he was able to run and play and look like he can participate … We wait until tomorrow and see how he reacts. We had a pretty heavy load, were on the court almost two and a half hours. I took (Bynum) out of the practice for one five-minute break and that was it.”

Lamar Odom: “He looked great. He had exactly what he needed: time off. He wasn’t limping or anything. Running good, running well out there. He should be all right.”

Kobe Bryant: “He looked good. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him too much about it but he didn’t seem limited.”

Pau Gasol: “Obviously Andrew’s a big help for us now. He does a lot of different things. He’s a big presence and will bring us physicality in the playoffs.”