4/19 Injury Update: Mbenga’s Eye is OK

100419mbengaLakers backup center DJ Mbenga had some bad luck during both Friday’s and Saturday’s practices leading into L.A.’s first playoff game, first suffering a blow to the head and then getting poked in the eye, accidents that twice sent him to the doctor’s office.

Fortunately for Mbenga and the Lakers, the first visit showed that he hadn’t suffered a concussion, and the second resulted in successful emergency laser surgery to repair a retinal hole that Mbenga said immediately improved his vision after just 5-to-10 minutes.

“Now it’s cool, my vision is better and I have to (wear protective goggles) for the rest of the season,” said the fifth-year big man.

It’s still possible that Mbenga would be available for Tuesday night’s Game 2 against the Thunder, but first he’ll get re-evaluated on Tuesday morning.

“Tomorrow they’ll tell me if I can play or not,” he said.

While he certainly would like to play, Mbenga’s content at least for the day that he’s again able to see after a scary moment.

“I felt something, went down on the floor and tried to stand up myself to walk to the locker room,” he explained. “But it was kind of bad because I really didn’t have my balance so I had to go right away to the hospital.”

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