Notes: Thunder Practice @ Clippers Facility

brooksAs some teams do throughout the regular season, the Oklahoma City Thunder held their practice at the Los Angeles Clippers practice facility in Marina del Rey, but not before holding a media session for assembled reporters.

First out of the gates was Head Coach Scott Brooks, who repeated his thesis from the postgame podium on Sunday afternoon.

“One adjustment we’re not going to make is to play harder,” he said. “(But we’re) disappointed because we thought we should have played better.”

Brooks went on to say that he’ll keep the team’s planned adjustments in house, though he did acknowledge that rookie center Serge Ibaka could continue to see increased minutes as he did in the second half of Game 1.

“Serge gives us a rebounder, shot blocking, toughness,” said Brooks of his 6-10 center. “We need to match their length and serge gives us a guy we can throw at then that can (do) that.

60199940Power forward Jeff Green also discussed L.A.’s length (OK … everyone discusses it), particularly with the return of Andrew Bynum, who missed the final regular season matchup with OKC due to his strained left Achilles.

“That’s another big that we have to keep off the boards, another guy that can give them 20 (points) and 10 (rebounds) on any given night,” said the Georgetown product. “It puts us in tough matchups because they can just lob it up to him; I think we did a pretty good job yesterday, we just need to maintain those second chance points a little more and try not to let him get such easy looks towards the rim.”

Green also addressed the first quarter extra curricular activity between him and Bynum that began when Green bumped into Bynum from behind and ended when Bynum bumped Green back with his shoulder as the ball was moving up court. After the contest, Bynum said he was simply retaliating to the first bump, opting to let Green know he wasn’t getting anything for free.

Yet Bynum didn’t seem too concerned about it, and Green on Monday confirmed that it is a non issue.

“I tripped over somebody’s foot and ran into (Bynum),” he said. “He got up and came at me … he did what he did, no call was made, it’s just the nature of playoff basketball. Everything’s more physical and I expect that. I laughed about it, it wasn’t a big deal.”

Stay tuned for a report from Lakers practice later on Monday afternoon.

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