Artest 6th, Bryant 12th in Defensive POY Voting

D072184014.jpgDwight Howard won his second straight Defensive Player of the Year Award on Tuesday morning, as announced by the NBA, while two Lakers – Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant – finished sixth and 12th, respectively.

Artest garnered seven second place votes (three points) and six third place notches (one points) for a total of 29 points, while Bryant garnered one second place vote and six third place nods for nine points.

Here’s the list of those receiving at least seven total points (five for first place, three for second, one for third)

Dwight Howard, 576 (110 first place votes)
Josh Smith, 136
Gerald Wallace, 113
LeBron James, 61
Rajon Rondo, 55
Ron Artest, 29
Andrew Bogut, 23
Thabo Sefolosha, 20
Anderson Varejao, 18
Dwyane Wade, 13
Marcus Camby, 13
Kobe Bryant, 9
Shawn Marion, 8
Tim Duncan, 7