Andrew Bynum to Start Game 1

60319019L.A.’s biggest injury question mark heading into the Second Round against Utah was the health of Andrew Bynum, who suffered a small tear of the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus in his right knee when hyper-extending the knee in Game 6 against Oklahoma City.

Naturally, the first question for Lakers Coach Phil Jackson in his pregame media session on Sunday morning regarded whether or not Bynum would play.

“We’ll give him an opportunity to start,” said Jackson. “Andrew is prepared to play. He’s going to do some therapy to activate himself and (will) try and work through it.”

As such, Jackson and his staff will monitor Bynum’s play, allowing him regular minutes if he’s able to handle it, or calling upon Lamar Odom if the knee is affecting his contribution.

“If he’s limited in what he can do, (with) his ability to run or (if) it’s going to be something that’s going to hamper him, then we’ll have to measure that.”