Farmar brings 6th grade photo of Fisher & his class

60335254Phil Jackson shared a fun anecdote during his post-practice presser with assembled media after L.A.’s Monday practice.

“We were just in the player’s (lounge) and Jordan (Farmar) walked in with a photo of his sixth grade class, and Fisher was a speaker in the class,” said L.A.’s coach. “That’s a veteran for you.”

Fisher begrudgingly verified the story.

“Only because there is photographic evidence,” he quipped. “It is a true story, yes. I work with a guy that was in the sixth grade when I first got into this business … it’s pretty humbling.”

Fisher was of course aware that Jackson shared the story as a way to praise his starting point guard for continuing to make valuable contributions despite being one of the league’s oldest players (35).

“I think he’s done a remarkable job of staying attached to the speed, the quickness, the physical nature of this game and how to recover between games,” said Jackson. “It’s not an easy task for a guy that’s his age.”

Fisher has saved his best play for the playoffs this season, shooting 43 percent from the field and making 14-of-30 three-pointers (46.7 percent) to average 10.2 points with 3.3 assists in the First Round against Oklahoma City, and opening the Second Round with 10 points, three assists and a game-high five steals against Utah.