Big-Time Efficiency for Laker Bigs

60481955The naked eye could see how easily L.A.’s trio of big men scored in Games 1 and 2 against Phoenix in the Western Conference Finals.

Even with L.A.’s much-advertised advantages in length, the numbers are still staggering in terms of efficiency.

Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom shot a combined 66.6 percent from the field (44-of-66):

Bynum: 7-of-9 (77.8%)
Gasol: 21-of-32 (65.6%)
Odom: 16-of-25 (64%)

The numbers aren’t shocking due to the aforementioned physical advantages over the Suns’ front line, and because all three players performed well in the regular season in general, Bynum shooting 57%, Gasol 53.6% and Odom 46.3%.

Nonetheless, finding some way to contain L.A.’s trees remains a clear focus for Phoenix heading into Sunday’s Game 3 in Arizona, whether or not it can be done with the team’s respective personnel or not.