Lakers Pregame Music Update

73969385MW008_De_La_Hoya_v__6_12_14_PMSure, we had assistant coach Brian Shaw on LakersTV to talk about Game 3 in Phoenix.

Perhaps more important: what music certain Lakers players have playing on respective iPods heading to Sunday night’s contest:

Lamar Odom: 50 Cent
Note: Back in the winter months, Odom was in a Rick Ross phase, but said he’d switched over to some 50 Cent (pictured above, photo credit to Ethan Miller/Getty Images). This is natural, since 50, like Odom, is from Jamaica Queens, New York. We then spent two minutes talking about Floyd Mayweather’s entrance to his fight with Oscar De La Hoya, when 50 Cent rapped live while accompanying Mayweather into the ring (awesome … you can find on YouTube).

Ron Artest: “Coach”
Note: That would be Phil Jackson. Artest actually answered my question as follows: “Whatever Coach is saying.” Odom, seated in the next locker over, got a kick out of that response, but Artest just affirmed that he was all about Phil. Dead serious, he was, which Jackson and his staff would likely enjoy hearing.

Shannon Brown: “The usual”
Note: For Brown, that means some Young Jeezy, some Lil’ Wayne, some Rick Ross, Jay-Z and a few more. Brown seems to stay pretty consistent and loyal to his regulars.

DJ Mbenga: Congolese music
Note: Though Mbenga will on occasion listen to some American music, he’s often getting into Congolese beats before games. Mbenga has repeatedly offered to share some of these songs with us, but we’ve yet to make it happen (apologies). He has also explained that both Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher enjoy the music, particularly dancing along with it, and even got Bryant to nod his affirmation after practice one day.

Josh Powell: Justin Bieber
Note: The man of many musical tastes, who likes hip hop the most but listens to a wide variety of songs (as shared throughout last season’s “J-Peezy’s Playlist” was listening to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” (featuring Ludacris). I asked Powell what his new baby boy (Joshua Jr., whom he calls “Deuce”) listens to, suggesting 2pac. Powell’s (facetious) answer: “We keep him Lil’ Wayned out.”

Just thought you should know.