Video Preview: Game 5 vs Phoenix

Before we heard from assistant coach Brian Shaw about Thursday night’s Game 5 at home against Phoenix, Phil Jackson provided some context regarding the team’s attitude after Wednesday’s practice:

There’s absolutely no doubt that we love this. This is what champions are made of. We had this situation with Oklahoma. We had it with Denver last year in the Finals. It should be like this. This is what it should be if you have the best teams in the West going up against each other. It should come down to a challenge like this. If the teams have the grit and ability, then they’re here. Then it should come down to this kind of a challenge. We want to accept that and go forward.

To do so, Shaw explained that the Lakers need to shore up the backboards, come out with the defensive intensity that has helped the team win all eight of its game fives in the Kobe Bryant/Pau Gasol era (2008-2010 playoffs) and detail what kind of adjustments the Lakers can make offensively.

To watch, click play above or head over to our Lakers Gameday page.