Playoff Podcast: Chris Ballard

ballard_11The first chapter of Sports Illustrated senior writer Chris Ballard’s “The Art of a Beautiful Game” is entitled: “Killer Instinct: Why Kobe Bryant Wants to Beat You at Everything.”

As you might expect, we end up talking more about Kobe Bryant than anything else when Ballard joins us for Playoff Podcasts, and the most recent conversation was no exception.

Ballard took us through a terrific anecdote from his book about the ruthless Bryant playing 1-on-1 in high school, talked about how he’s seen Bryant develop particularly across the past few seasons, detailed how Bryant has returned to best-player-out-there status since getting healthy and more.

We also went through an incredible Game 5 (which Ballard unfortunately missed in person), chatted about Steve Nash’s ridiculous shot making, looked ahead at what’s to come in the playoffs and listened as Ballard weighed in on “Kobe vs. LeBron.”

To listen, click play below or head over to our Lakers Playoff Central page.