1-on-1 Video: Sasha Vujacic

It’s no coincidence that Sasha Vujacic is good at getting around screens, as noted throughout the season by no less authority than Phil Jackson.

After all, Vujacic’s a shooter himself that has spent time throughout his basketball life running around the screens set by his teammates to enable clean looks at the rim.

As Vujacic explained to us after L.A.’s Friday afternoon workout at STAPLES Center following the team’s Game 1 victory over Boston*, his ability to run around screens on offense has directly helped him when it comes to chasing opponents around similarly set screens when he’s defending.
*The Slovenian also gave his overall impressions of L.A.’s effort, talked about the additions of Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest in the Boston matchup and offered his keys to Sunday’s Game 2. Click play above to watch.

With Derek Fisher being called for two personal fouls in the first two minutes of Thursday’s contest, Jackson called up Vujacic to guard Boston’s Ray Allen, perhaps the league’s best at running around screens (unless you want to make an argument for Rip Hamilton).

As it turned out, Allen only got two shots off in five first quarter minutes, making one, before heading to the bench with two fouls of his own.

Vujacic did his job, if only for a short spell, and knows it won’t be the only time he’s called upon to chase Allen all over the floor in the series.