6-12 Injury Update: Andrew Bynum

bynum_smilePotentially good news for the Lakers came from the lips of Andrew Bynum on Saturday afternoon.

“I’m going to play, 100 percent,” he stated regarding Sunday’s Game 5.

While the team is still taking a wait-and-see-how-it-feels-before-the-game approach, Bynum was confident that he’d be able to contribute, stating that the draining process he underwent on Friday did its job and that he’s feeling better.

“I think we’re still optimistic that he’s going to give it a shot,” said Lakers coach Phil Jackson. “We have a day to work with him. He’s had a day of therapy and he can start getting some movement and maybe start activating himself tomorrow and get himself going.”

We’d learned on Friday that Bynum had an MRI scan of his right knee that showed no additional damage, and that he’d had the knee drained on Thursday evening after the game.

Many of Bynum’s teammates, not to mention his general manager Mitch Kupchak, praised his toughness and “maturity” (in Kupchak’s words) for playing through the pain, as Kobe Bryant for one has done for so many years.

Bynum’s fully expecting some swelling to return to the knee after the game, but feels that the additional day between games 4 and 5 will have him playing at a high level.

We’ll see in a bit over 24 hours.