Lakers 86, Celtics 92: Finals Game 5 Twitter Diary

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After a Game 4 loss in Boston decided in the fourth quarter, the Lakers had a chance to take a 3-2 series lead back to Los Angeles with Sunday’s Game 5 in Boston. Mike Trudell was typing all the way through on Twitter via the @LakersReporter account to make sure you didn’t miss a thing:

Lakers: DJ Mbenga
Celtics: Tony Gaffney

Lakers: Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Gasol and Bynum
Celtics: Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins

Bynum set to Start
What would Andrew Bynum be able to give? It had been a major focus throughout the Finals, but the news looked good for L.A. heading into Game 5. Bynum had his knee drained following a Game 4 second half in which he played only two minutes, and progressed well in the two days before Sunday. Bynum said on Saturday that he was “100 percent” going to play, and Phil Jackson confirmed the fact in his pregame media session.

- Similar atmosphere from the last two games in the Garden, though Game 3 still loudest. No smiles from L.A. in warmups/intros. Anthem done by Boston Pops, pretty solid.
- Bynum’s using the extra few minutes of warmups between the starting lineups & tip (Finals only) to re-activate himself.
- Artest told reporters the other day that he had a meeting with Phil Jackson, & felt support. We’ll see if it impacts his play.

60743916First Quarter
- It’s a similar start to Game 3, with Boston riding a huge energy surge to start the game with a 4-0 run. L.A.’s 0-for-3.
- Already, Bynum’s impact is felt with an offensive board and put-back, plus the foul, stopping a 6-0 C’s run. FT miss, 6-3 early.
- The only difference between this and Game 3′s start is that Artest didn’t pick up 2 early fouls. Now 2-pt game after Fish FT’s.
- Kobe’s in distribution mode once again to begin, having taken just 1 shot (miss), with an assist and two hockey assists.
- Fisher just drew the 2nd foul on Pierce while attempting a 3. PP thinks he had ball, as do C’s fans, but 3 FT’s to come.
- LA has not been called for a foul with 4:58 to go in the 1st. We’ll likely see Odom in for Bynum, who had 6 pts, 1 reb.
- Fish 3-for-3 FT’s, has 9 pts. Pierce’s 1st foul was changed to another Celtic, meaning he has just 1 and will stay in the game, with L.A. up 15-14.
- Bynum stayed in the game out of the time out, Odom still on sideline with 4:41 left. First L.A. foul goes to Kobe.
- After a slow stretch, Boston has hit 6 straight shots to take an 18-15 lead. Perkins, however, picked up foul No. 2 on a charge.
- Artest was hoping to break out offensively tonight, getting a confidence boost from his team, but he’s opened 0-for-4.
- RT @LAIreland: Lakers have made just 5 of 17 shots (29%). Pau and Kobe haven’t scored–and they are only down 3.
- Odom’s first entrance (2:39) was marked by a Bryant 3-pointer from the wing to tie the game at 18.
- Boston literally stuck 4 guys in the left corner to isolate for Pierce on Artest, but Pierce missed a step-back J. PP’s 3-for-6.
- Lil’ Nate missed a 3 at the buzzer, as L.A. trailed 22-20 despite 7-for-21 FG’s in the 1st (33%). L.A. up 11-8 on glass.
- We’ve seen that before … Pierce drew a charge on Odom, negating Odom’s driving layup. Pierce looked to be way late.

60743897Second Quarter
- It’s Bynum, Odom, Artest, Vujacic & Farmar to start 2nd. Phil wants more rest for Kobe so he has energy in 4th.
- Boston has the same lineup as the 4th Q in Game 4, except PP in for R. Allen. T. Allen opens with a rare made J; Bynum misses.
- Lakers are hitting the offensive glass so far quite well, grabbing 5 & 6 already concluding w/Odom’s put-back to stop a 6-0 Celtics’ run.
- Kobe got just 2 minutes of rest before returning in place of Artest. Bryant was 1-for-4 for 3 pts w/2 ast in 1st.
- A poor start to the 2nd from L.A. allowed an 8-2 Celtics run, Boston taking a 30-22 lead into a Jackson time out.
- Lakers are 1-for-8, Boston 4-of-5 to open the 2nd before a 24-sec. violation on the Celtics. Kobe yet to get going (1-for-5). They needed the ensuing Sasha Vujacic three from the left wing.
- Gasol’s getting more rest than he’s used to here, having yet to appear with 6 min & counting going off in 2nd.
- There’s Artest … finally sticking a jumper, a wing 3, to cap a 9-3 run for L.A. Score’s at 32-31 C’s, who had led by 8.
- Some extra stuff here: Artest knocked KG to the ground (PF), & Rondo shoved Artest, who laughed. Rondo given T, Kobe hit FT.
- Artest just hit his 2nd straight 3, again from the left wing, with Kobe getting assist No. 4. Then Kobe hoop puts L.A. up 1.
- Great atmosphere here, fans going nuts as PP 3 is followed by a Perk tip-in. Good time out from Phil Jackson w/C’s back up 4.
- Gasol has taken only 2 shots in 15 min., making 1, along w/4 rebounds. L.A. will clearly need more production.
- The Celtics are shooting lights out (20-for-30), the Lakers ice cold (14-for-39) yet L.A.’s within 4, helped by 8 off. rebs.
- Gasol missed 2 wide-open J’s that he usually swishes in the final 2 minutes as Boston takes a 45-39 lead into the half.

60743884Third Quarter
- Celtics stay hot in the 3rd, backing up their 65% 1st half with a Rondo layup and Pierce 3 to go up by 11, biggest lead thus far.
- The Celtics haven’t cooled off in the 3rd, making their first 3 shots to reach 69% for the game, a ridiculous number.
- Just as ridiculous – Kobe’s last 3 shots, including an off-balance, pull-up 3 as he tries to keep L.A. in it.
- Kobe has buried 4 straight shots, including his 2nd 3, to reach 20 for the game suddenly. 10 pts in 4 min. L.A. still down 7.
- Boston is scoring at an incredible rate right now, making 7-of-8 FG’s in the 3rd. And that’s after shooting 66% in 1st half.
- Finally, a Celtics’ miss after another Kobe hoop (made 5 FG’s already in 3rd), but L.A. can’t clear rebound. C’s bringing A game.
- Wow, is Kobe putting on a show to keep L.A. afloat, finishing a wide alley-oop pass with a one-handed tap. He has 14 in 5 min.
- Celtics fans in front of me punching each other after Black Mamba nails an absurd 3. He’s 7-for-7 in 3rd (incl. 3 3′s).
- Bryant has all 17 of L.A.’s 3rd Q points, the lead at 64-56.
- Lakers just have not been able to get it done on defense here, with a rare C’s miss resulting in an off. reb & bucket. 11-pt lead.
- Gasol’s and-1 were the first non-Kobe points of the quarter (Kobe had first 19). Now a 10-point game w/Odom heading to line, 1:49 to play.
- Vujacic’s 2nd 3 of the game & Gasol’s put-back layup allowed L.A. to enter the 4th down 8 at 73-65. Quick 5-0 burst critical.
- Kobe scored the 1st 19 pts of the quarter, before Gasol/Vujacic added the final 8. Interesting to see Kobe’s energy for 4th.

60744031Fourth Quarter
- Gasol is suddenly alive and well, hitting the 17-footer he missed 3 times in the 1st half to cut lead to 6.
- A ‘Sheed 3 came after Gasol’s jumper, but Bryant hit a runner then swatted T. Allen at other end. Lead at 7, Kobe with 31.
- Kobe’s still going, pulling up for another jumper to reach 33 points, but Allen’s answer kept lead at 10. Odom, however, then answered Ray with a driving lefty layup.
- Lead’s down to 6 after a nice play from Odom, who grabbed Artest’s missed 3 & stuck it back. 81-75, 6:01 to play.
- Gasol & Odom have 11 combined points from the end of Kobe’s 19-pt 3rd Q, after just 2 each in 1st half.
- KG’s hoop, then a steal and layup from Rondo pushed the lead right back to 10 w/4:50 to go. Big, big hill for L.A. to climb.
- Lakers have turned the ball over on 4-of-5 possessions before an Artest missed 3 & Kobe foul on Pierce. Lead at 12, 3:24 left.
- Lakers hoping for one final push, with lead at 10 after 2 Kobe FT’s with 2:55 to play. Bryant has 35, rest of team has 42.
- Weird stat … L.A. has blocked only 1 shot, and it was Kobe. Meanwhile, Gasol’s1-of-2 FT’s have lead at 9, 2:23 left.
- A long rebound from Allen’s missed 3 went right to Perkins. Celts up 32-30 on the glass.
- Artest shooting 57% from the FT line in the playoffs … & hit 1-of-2 here, like Gasol had moments earlier. 87-79, 1:41 left, Boston shooting FT’s.
- That’s exactly what L.A. wanted … Kobe drew a foul on Allen while taking a 3, can cut lead to 5 with 3 makes, 1:30 left.
- Kobe hit all 3, getting to 38 points, to cut the lead to 87-82. Tension has returned to the building, audibly.
- Another killer offensive board for Perkins after a missed 3 from Allen. C’s retain possession, up 5 w/1:05 to play.
- Wow, how did ‘Sheed take a 3 there? It missed, but L.A. again could not clear a long rebound. Jump ball, KG & Fish.
- Um … Derek Fisher just won a jump ball against Kevin Garnett? Despite giving up 10 inches? Huh? Artest to shoot FT’s.
- Rondo’s transition layup has the lead at 7, 89-82, with 35.2 seconds left.
- Mistake there … L.A. couldn’t foul the terrible FT shooting Rondo when he had it, were then forced to foul Ray Allen.
- Not quuuuite over, but quite close. Still a 2 possession game with KG missing 1-of-2 FT’s. 92-86, 08.9 left.
- The final: Celtics 92, Lakers 86. LA shoots 40% to Boston’s 56%, gets 38 from Kobe but only 12 from Gasol as 2nd scorer.
- The rebounding difference again favors winner, by just 1 @ 35-34. L.A. shot 26 FT’s, but made only 17, including 4 4th Q misses.