2010 Exit Interview: Shannon Brown

brownShannon Brown averaged 7.6 minutes in the 2008-09 regular season after getting traded to L.A. in February, then 13 minutes during the 2009 playoffs before jumping up to 20.7 minutes in the 2009-10 regular season, averaging 8.1 points and 2.2 rebounds.

In the playoffs, his minutes dipped back to around 14 per contest as Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest played the vast majority of the time, and Brown averaged 4.9 points off the bench. Brown has the option of opting out of a two-year contract he signed prior to the 2009-10 campaign.

Below are the highlights of his exit interview:

- Brown said that he is “still thinking about” whether or not to opt out.

- (On if his first option is coming back): “I would love to stay in L.A. and play with the Lakers. I don’t know why you would break up a championship team.” Brown was asked more explicitly whether or not he thinks he’ll come back: “I hope so. I don’t want to go nowhere.”

- (On his growth from being traded to L.A. in February of 2009): “I made progress. My first two and a half years I really didn’t play that much. This year I did. I’m steady making progress. As long as you get the time on the floor, it’s going to work out for the best. Basketball is my life, I think about it all the time, sometimes to a fault, and I couldn’t be happier about being a champion for the second time in a row.”

- (On bringing another championship back to Maywood, IL, on Chicago’s West Side): “It meant a lot. A stat that I’m proud of, they said there hasn’t been a killing there in like a year. And that’s great. I lost a couple of people around that area, and it’s no fun. For them not to have to experience that is amazing, and that means my town is making progress. I have a camp coming up to give the kids something to look forward to.”

- (On Derek Fisher): “He’s been real helpful. I go to Fish and talk to him about anything on and off the court. On the court, he has five NBA championships, so I look at him and see the things he does out there. Hopefully, one day I want to be a starter.”

- (On what he got out of his meeting with management): “Just to get better, that’s all. They feel I made progress in the things that I’ve done and it’s all about getting better.”

- (On the difference between 2009 and 2010 titles): “This time was the first time I went into training camp and really knew what was going on as far as my role a little bit. Last year I wasn’t with the team the whole time, this year I was. It was great. You build friendships, you build family, you build bonds. It’s an amazing feeling.”

- (On his thumb, which he injured midseason): “I”m going to let it heal up naturally. It’s nothing that’s going to hinder anything into the future.”