2010 Exit Interviews: Adam Morrison

morrison1Adam Morrison saw action in only 31 regular season and two playoff games, scoring a total of 82 points.

Acquired along with Shannon Brown in February of 2009, Morrison won two rings with the Lakers, but was never able to garner significant playing time heading into free agency.

Below is a summary of his exit interview:

- (On his experience with the team): “It was cool. It was tough not playing as much, at all really, but being a part of the team was fun. Being with the group of guys we had was cool.”

- Morrison said that his agent told him that there was some interest in him around the league.
He added that he’s not ruling out coming back to the Lakers, but mentioned that: “I didn’t play here so I don’t know why they’d want to bring me back.”

- (On what he got out of meeting with Phil Jackson and Mitch Kupchak): “I need to work on my guard skills to be able to play in this league, and Phil said he enjoyed having me on the team. I understood why the minutes were limited (with the talent on the wing on this team). I just thanked them for bringing me here in the first place and letting me be apart of a (championship team).”

- (On if he got confidence from competing hard in practice with the second unit against the starters): “One-hundred percent. The second unit guys that didn’t play much prided ourselves on trying to make this team better. To be a championship team you have to have guys that push the team every day. Going against Ron and Kobe every day could be nothing but positive.”

- (On developing his game by having Artest guard him): “Especially against Ron. I’d see other guys when he’d play and the looks on their faces … I have to wrestle with that bear every day, so I know how it goes.”

- (On Jimmy Kimmel making a mock highlight video of him on the bench in the playoffs): “I don’t know why that guy has always picked on me for some reason … but he has a show to do. I understand.”

- (On seeing a lot in the past few years): “I’ve been on all spectrums. I’ve been at the top of the college game, I’ve been injured and not playing, I’ve not suited up. I’ve seen all aspects of the game and it’s changed me as a person.”

- (On his health): “I feel my hop has gotten back a little bit.”