2010 Exit Interviews: Lamar Odom

odomLakers forward Lamar Odom averaged 10.8 points and 9.8 rebounds with 3.3 assists in the regular season, and 9.7 points with 8.6 boards and 2.0 assists in the postseason en route to his second straight championship.

Odom’s defense was strong throughout the season, particularly late in games, capped by a terrific effort in L.A.’s championship-clinching Game 7, part of the reason he said he was so tired that he could fall asleep in his chair while doing the interview.

Here’s what else the Lakers’ lanky lefty had to say:

- Odom’s heading straight to Mexico with his wife Khloe for two weeks, before returning to address some of the injuries he played through during the season.
- On his exit interview: “It was quick.” Odom did add that he’s thinking of playing a little more small forward next year.
- More on playing small forward: “The triangle offense, our team, my size … using our ability to post up to kind of slow teams down. Our defense is predicated so much on our offense, I think I can help our team. That could be one of the lineups that we go to.”
- More on his shoulder: “I don’t know (about surgery). I’m going to take a few weeks off then get MRI’s to see where I’m at with my whole body. My body is my business. My knee is fine, but my shoulder is something that I always worry about a little bit.”
- (On winning the championship): “If feels good to be on top of the NBA. I can remember the game we lost in Boston, and how we were able to get back here, and have the opportunity to finally beat Boston. The feeling is amazing.”
- (On maturing): “I’m trying to become more responsible on and off the court. Protect my image. I’m trying, it’s a work in progress. I’m going to remain the same person.”
- (Odom is verrrry tired): “I’m tired, man. I got married in front of the reality world … came to training camp the next day … I’ll fall asleep right now. Right on this chair.”
- (On being there for Ron Artest, his childhood friend and teammate from Queens, NY, throughout the season): “I think from us having the relationship that we have, it was easy for him to listen to me. It was a voice that he’s used to hearing. I was most happy for me. We got to feel it before and understood how it felt. Yeah it was the Celtics and we wanted it, but for people to understand the work it takes to defend guys like he does. He’s always worked hard ever since we were small. I was happy that he got to (show the world) how good he is.”