Odom Addresses Spanish Media

61336096In about six weeks, Lamar Odom will fly to Spain with his Lakers teammates in advance of a preseason tilt against F.C. Barcelona.

And while Odom has heard all about Barcelona from teammate Pau Gasol, L.O.’s currently getting a taste of Spain’s capital city, Madrid, with the US National Team.

On Wednesday, the NBA provided audio from a press conference Odom held in Madrid, where the US squad awaits exhibition games that include a matchup with the Spanish team.

Here’s a summary of what Odom had to offer:

On Spain playing without Pau Gasol: (They’re) still a great team. They’re so deep. Of course any team that doesn’t have Pau will miss him – I should know, right? But they’re still a really good team, really competitive.

On if Pau would offer any tips about playing Spain: I don’t think Pau will give me any information. Maybe on every NBA team, but not this team.

On his personal outlook: Just to play my game, to be aggressive. Look to make plays. Look to be a leader.

On his biggest concern about Spanish team: Honestly, you’re never concerned about competition, because competition is fun and that’s what we live for. Honestly they’re a great team, they do so many things well, but we look forward to the confrontation. We look forward to the competitiveness. It’s still fun … it’s just a game. It’s basketball, it’s what we love to do.

On Spain playing at home: This is their home court. I’d imagine that they’re going to have home court advantage, but playing on the road is something we’re all used to doing. It’s just going to be a tough game. Both teams are very prideful, and we can’t wait to play against them.