Artest Switches to Jersey #15

Lakers forward Ron Artest won a championship while sporting the No. 37 jersey in his first year in Los Angeles, but has decided to switch things up heading into year two.

The Lakers on Friday confirmed a report that Artest will wear No. 15, his first jersey number in the NBA with Chicago, as well as the digits he wore in college at St. Johns.

During the 2009-10 season, Artest mentioned that he would consider switching jerseys every year, so we’ll have to wait and see how long No. 15 lasts.

The Queens, New York native won’t be the only Lakers player with a uniform number not seen last season. Here’s the list:

Steve Blake: 5
Matt Barnes: 9
Theo Ratliff: 50
Devin Ebanks: 3
Derrick Caracter: 58

Caracter, a second-round pick like Ebanks, will be sporting the number of his overall draft position, while Ebanks will wear the former jersey number of Trevor Ariza. Former No. 9′s include Nick Van Exel, Bryon Russell and Chucky Atkins, while Eddie Jordan wore both numbers five and 15 in his Lakers career.