Bynum Details His Knee Injury

While the Lakers’ Media Day on Saturday at the team’s practice facility provided a chance to catch up with each player on the team, the most pertinent piece of actual news surrounded Andrew Bynum’s right knee.

As the 7-0 center explained to us on LakersTV, he won’t be returning to the basketball floor as soon as was originally expected.

“I saw the doctor two days ago, he says I have about four weeks of just rehab stuff and then I’ll be able to hit the track running,” said Bynum. “What happened was I went over to South Africa (for the World Cup), had a great time over there, and then when I got back my doctor was on vacation (on July 18). I did the surgery as soon as he got back in town (July 28).”

Bynum explained that he had damaged his meniscus more than was originally suspected, and it required some additional work intended to preserve Bynum’s knee in the long run.

As such, we won’t see the 22-year-old on the floor in the preseason or at the start of the regular season; he’ll instead focus on rehabilitation activities with the Lakers training staff.

“I would like to be back on the court playing in actual games by the end of November,” he explained. “That gives us about two months, so I think we’ll be OK.”

The Lakers, of course, have gone through periods of various length without Bynum throughout the past three seasons, and are quite comfortable playing with Pau Gasol at center and Lamar Odom at the power forward.

Both Gasol and Odom said that they would hold down the proverbial fort until Bynum returns, and that their main concern was Bynum being healthy throughout the season and particularly the postseason.