It’s (very) Early, But Ron Ron’s On Fire

101002_rononfireRon Artest is currently NBA JAM style en fuego. No, really.

The Lakers starting small forward, who struggled with his three-point shooting late last season*, has barely missed a shot in camp.
*Artest shot 35.5% in the regular season and 29.1% in the playoffs.

Of course, it is so much earlier than early – the regular season doesn’t start for 24 days – that it’s almost silly to mention, but … oh well.

“He’s definitely in a groove,” said assistant coach Jim Cleamons. “We were teasing him the last two days before we left because of (how hot he was) on Thursday, and today he was on fire again. Let’s hope he saves some of that for the regular season.”

Cleamons, not wanting to jinx Artest, declined to actually analyze why the shots were falling like rain drops in London (is it his form? Getting his feet set? New stroke?), but had this to offer: “All I know is his shot is, as they say in the vernacular, ‘wet’ right now.”