Lakers Line of Succession

queen-elizabeth-iiIn the United Kingdom, the line of succession to the throne goes as follows:

- Queen Elizabeth II, present monarch
- Charles, Prince of Wales, heir apparent
- Prince William of Wales
- Prince Harry of Wales

OK, so, … what’s the Lakers’ line of succession?

Kobe, obviously, is the King. Pau Gasol, just as obviously, is the heir apparent, the Prince ready to take the throne when called upon, as he’s done in training camp while Kobe gets back to 100 percent physically. These two are self explanatory. The two-time defending Finals MVP is still considered the best player in the world by many, top few at worst, while the Spaniard could be argued as the league’s best all-around big man, and certainly the best “No. 2″ guy on an NBA roster.

As for the two princes, with William likely years away from power and Harry to serve only in need?

We’ll go with Andrew Bynum in Prince William’s role, as he’s young, talented and lined up to emerge as the team’s star into the future as Bryant and Gasol’s careers begin to dim.

As for Prince Harry, how about Lamar Odom? Extremely talented and capable when it counts, but the pressure’s largely off him to carry the team for right now. But if the future of the franchise depended upon him, and Kobe, Pau and Bynum were unable to serve, Odom’s next in line.