Kobe Bryant: 10-6 Injury Update

61937401Kobe Bryant offered a quick update on his surgically repaired knee two days after guessing it was at about 60 percent following Monday’s game in London.

“It’s feeling better,” he said. “It’s always tough when you have surgery, because you have to have a lot of patience. I’m just working hard trying to get it as strong as I can.”

Bryant has made no mention of any setbacks during his rehabilitation. He will definitely play limited minutes against Regal F.C. Barcelona on Thursday evening in Barcelona, but isn’t putting too much stress on the game.

“I’m not healthy,” he explained. “I would be more motivated if it were right after the NBA season and this was a series we were playing against the champions of Europe … to determine who the best was in the world. Then I’d be really motivated. But right now I’m still trying to get back in shape, and guys aren’t going to play that many minutes, so it’s a little different from a real series.”

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