Andrew Bynum: Nov. 17 Injury Update

UCLA Health SystemLakers center Andrew Bynum answered questions from a few traveling beat reporters prior to L.A.’s Wednesday evening contest in Detroit. Below is a transcription of the Q&A:

On if he knows when he’ll play in his first game:
Bynum: I have no idea. If these work outs continue to go well, hopefully I’ll be on time. But if I get swelling or something like that, I’ll have to slow down a little bit.

D067513008.JPGOn what he’s doing right now for rehabilitation work:
Bynum: Just post stuff, jump shots, jump hooks, that’s really it. A lot of running, straight line stuff. No lateral stuff yet. I like to go on the track because it’s more distance, better for your lungs, a lot less pounding than running on the treadmill. It’s good.

On how his knee feels:
Bynum: It feels pretty good. I haven’t had a set back yet, but it’s just my second day on the court.

On if his hope is to practice fully, not play in a game, by Thanksgiving:
Bynum: I have no idea. Hopefully I’ll be able to practice with my teammates (by then).

On if he is taking the long view with his knee:
Bynum: I’m not real concerned with it, just trying to get healthy and get back. My big thing is to be in the best shape that I can be when I get out there so nothing else happens. I don’t want to have a set back or regress.