Phil Jackson Post-Houston Presser

Here’s a summary of Phil Jackson’s postgame presser with the media following L.A.’s 109-99 loss at Houston:

- On if it’s too early in the season to be concerned with the losing streak:
Jackson: It’s way too early in the season. We just have to hang on and (find) the right spot for our team to get better. We have some guys struggling, not playing well, but (some of) our guys I thought picked it up pretty well. I liked the bench tonight, they played pretty well. Shannon (Brown) and Matt (Barnes) both played well and I thought Steve (Blake) directed the team pretty good out there.

- Jackson said the Lakers shot the ball really well in the first half, but really struggled in the second, crediting Houston’s defense for picking up their defensive activity as each of the other three opponents L.A. has faced has during the losing streak also managed to do.

- On Gasol leaving the game with a tight hamstring before returning:
Jackson: We’re concerned about it. We’re concerned about the way he played tonight. He didn’t play with any activity, had probably his worst game of the season. He had some hamstring injuries and I think it was mostly physical (and not mental).

-On if the fact that none of his 11 championship teams ever lost four straight games was interesting:
Jackson: I don’t think so. You can’t compare (different seasons), it’s too obscure. (The players) need some life in their legs. They’ll get it this weekend, we have a couple of days off*.
*After Friday’s game against Sacramento, the Lakers have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off before playing Washington on Tuesday.

- Jackson said that the Lakers needed “another finger to put in the dike.” He acknowledged that Andrew Bynum would practice on Thursday, but wouldn’t go so far as to say that it was Bynum’s finger they needed.

- On what went wrong in the second half:
Jackson: Kevin Martin had 20 second half points … a lot of it was about fouls, he has 10 free throws. Battier got a set of three free throws (also), and those are things that certainly (affect the outcome). Those are just mistakes, errors, we should know better than that.