Phil Jackson’s Friday Practice Comments

Here’s a summary of Phil Jackson’s Christmas Eve day media session with reporters in advance of Saturday’s game against the Miami Heat:

On if the Lakers expect Dwyane Wade, who missed Thursday’s win for Miami in Phoenix with a sore knee, to play:
Jackson: Yes. What am I going to say? No, I don’t expect him to play? Go home and have a nice Christmas? (#sarcasm)

On the interest in Miami:
Jackson: They’re a talented team. Basketball fans should pay attention. It’s a talented group of guys out there.

On if it’s important for L.A. to set a tone on Saturday:
Jackson: Well we’d like to, but we’ve really pointed at the games next week as being a challenge. Those are conference games (at) San Antonio and New Orleans.

On if there’s too much being made of the X-Mas game:
Jackson: We like it. It draws attention to our team and the players, so that’s great. Whether you’re going to set the standard for the championships in June, I don’t know.

On the last two days for center Andrew Bynum:
Jackson: I hope it’s gone well for him. I thought yesterday was good. Today was a modified shootaround, more or less.
Editor’s note:

On if he watched LeBron’s “Decision” and what he thought:
Jackson: I did not watch LeBron’s Decision, and my thoughts echoed out of what Michael Jordan and some of the other guys would say that they would never have done something like that. They would have anticipated their team would have built up the talent so they could get back to the championship. That’s kind of what everyone expected. Not too many players that gone to the Finals like Cleveland did three years ago would lose a player that has been there. They’d want to redeem that opportunity, or whatever, but that’s his choice and we’ll all live with it.

On if he were surprised by LeBron’s Decision:
Jackson: Yes.

On if the Lakers can take advantage of their size over Miami
Jackson: Yeah, I think our big line up could. I don’t think Andrew’s ready to start yet, or play the kind of minutes, but hopefully he will be in another week or two.

On Bynum’s ability to “multiple jump” when healthy:
Jackson: Andrew has a special feature as a big guy. He has the ability to multiple jump where the second jump is almost as good as the first one. That’s a big difference for a big guy when he can go up, maybe get the rebound, go back up and jam the ball. Or go up and knock down a pass, then go back up and block a shot. That’s the secondary jump or act there that we’re still looking for Andrew to be able to do as he comes back.

On if he has to remind the team about concentration:
Jackson: No. I really didn’t. They were very focused today. You can tell, you can read it, so I didn’t have to remind them.

On Ron Artest and Matt Barnes guarding LeBron James:
Jackson: You don’t do anything but try and contain them is all you try to do. Not let him run out off defensive rebounds and give breaks and solo run outs, and try not to let him take the whole team to the basket and dunk it on them. It’s mostly containment, and making him shoot shots on the outside.