Lakers – Heat Postgame Numbers

We highlighted some of the more interesting numbers from L.A.’s 96-80 Christmas Day loss to the Miami Heat at STAPLES Center, which dropped the team’s record to 21-9 on the season.

52 Games left for the Lakers to re-discover their championship mojo. Kobe Bryant summed things up pretty well after the contest: “I’m not frustrated, just upset. I think these games mean more to our opponents than they do to us, and I think we need to get that straight. We need to play with more focus, and put more importance on these games. I don’t like it. We know what we’re capable of doing – that’s the problem.” Phil Jackson added a “Just be patient with us. We’ll be fine.”

52 Combined points (27), rebounds (11), assists (10) and steals (four) for LeBron James in a terrific all-around individual effort.

40.5 L.A.’s shooting percentage for the game, compared with Miami’s 44.3 ercent.

24.0 Field goal percentage for the Lakers in the first quarter, which allowed Miami a 20-14 advantage despite L.A.’s generally good defense. The Lakers did not move the ball particularly well, and saw stars Bryant and Gasol miss all 11 shots they collectively attempted.

21 Miami’s biggest lead. L.A.’s was five, which came early in the first quarter. “No surprise to us as a coaching staff,” said Jackson. “We’re just not playing very good ball.”

18 Points scored by L.A.’s bench. Shannon Brown had 10 of ‘em, while Steve Blake struggled in missing all five of his shot attempts, all from three. Miami’s didn’t offer much more scoring, with 19, but the Heat’s starters outscored L.A.’s 77-62.

18 More points in the paint for the Lakers (44-26), though it didn’t matter as the Heat made seven more free throws, three more triples and far more perimeter jumpers.

17 The most points scored by any Laker, as both Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol reached that number of points but struggled to hit shots throughout. Gasol was 8-for-17, and Bryant 6-for-16.

9 Triples made by the Heat, thanks in large part to James’s making his first five from long range.

4 Fastbreak points for the Heat, one of the few areas in which the Lakers did what they wanted to prior to the game.

1 Blocked shot for the Lakers, who came in averaging 5.7 per game. Part of the explanation is that Miami rarely took the ball to the rim, scoring only 26 points in the paint, and when they did were generally getting to the foul line (20 attempts).