Lakers – Celtics Postgame Numbers

We highlighted some of the more interesting numbers from L.A.’s Sunday afternoon loss at STAPLES Center, which saw the team’s record fall to 33-15 on the season.

1 First half assist for Rajon Rondo, whom Kobe Bryant identified as the key to Boston’s offense after Saturday’s practice.

15 Second half assists for Rondo, who adjusted extremely well to what the Lakers were trying to accomplish defensively. Nine of those dimes came in the fourth quarter.

16 More total points + rebounds + assists for Kevin Garnett (18, 13 and 5) than Pau Gasol (12, 7 and 1) in a matchup that always defines Lakers – Celtics games in the past four seasons.

18 Fast break points for the Lakers, compared to only five for the Celtics, making Boston’s 60 percent shooting even more remarkable as most of the points came in the half court.

20 Rough count of how many questions to Lakers players and Phil Jackson had to do with how concerned they were about losing to Boston, and their general play of late. Phil’s response: “It’s not the playoffs yet. We’re still playing regular season games. We’ll get there in time.”

41 Points for Kobe Bryant, who started the game hot from the field before cooling while trying to carry the team in the fourth quarter. “I didn’t think anybody else wanted the ball,” said Phil Jackson. Bryant still finished over 50 percent at 16-of-29 (55.2 percent).

60.3 Boston’s shooting percentage for the game, fantastic execution even for the league’s best shooting team (50 percent on the season). Paul Pierce made 11-of-18 shots, Kevin Garnett 9-of-12 and Ray Allen 8-of-12.

70 Boston’s shooting percentage in the fourth quarter (14-of-20)