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ldivid='garmagry> !divid='gnoice-"> laquo; Lakers B01, Hornets 95: Feb. 5 Running Diary'/sa lrquo; /sa # Pblisherd by !spanilass="wvcardluthor- intry-uthor-" Mie tTudell /saLn' !abbrclass="wablisherd intry-dte" tytle="R011/-02-06T15:01:07+0000 >ebruary 26,2011'/sabbr> !spanilass="wintry-itme> 3:01 pm/stpan>Lin !spanilass="wintry-ategoryies"Pactice- Nws /sa. < < /sdiv /-- .intry-ead p->< !divilass=""intry-ontent/"> /p>A few hours befor the Stper Bowl &tar-ted,the Sakers Lwere finishngl up a ractice- sesion' in Memphis, ofer:ngl some knwl edgeLn' he SGrizzlir befor tevieainga whehe r he yLwere castnga esspeticv baois wih: he bPcker:s r- teelers .

/p>I' he Spatitywo seasons, ns itLwere, he SGrizzlir hav banred =he Sesspeti of L.A.’ spayers/ ngd coach"s, pr-ticularly afer.kconsecuicv bhome ngd away wins rv r he Sakers Lhis. season. Firtitwns ahamrrow 98-96 victosy in MemphisbockgLn' Nov. 30, ngd mor teventely aB014-85 victosy atwStapesh Cnter.Ln' Jan. 2Lhiaitwns ahgme =of redempion {or (he SGrizz, pr-ticularly afer.khe Sakers Lblewkhe onut 1241015 in he Sfourh: gme =of he SseasonLn' Nov. 2.

/p>Monday nght:’ sgme =willpbe he Sfourh: ngd finalcontentitbetween he Sywo eams/, ngd aiteantitdrawnga vie' in aSseasonLsr ish isbalways ahfocus=of Phil Jackson’ , no mater.kwho he SNBA opponint. Afer.ksome furh:r.kdiscusion' about he SGrizzlir , Jacksontevieaid =heaite Sdoesn’t actually hav ba rick.

/p>“ISdon’t hav ba rick,”te Ssaid. “I’mbhoingb{or (he SPcker:s buft ISdon’t hav ba rick.”

/p>Hi spayers/,Ln' he Soh:r.khngd,Lwere anoh:r.kstosy.

/p>Lamr Omom , Lue tWalton, teev bBaker ngd Jo Stmih: allpsaid he yLhoruht:the Steelers iwould iih:r.kwngkstraght:onut o.kcov r he S+2.5 srevad,Lbefor tead ngb{ack to: he SyamN hotelto: watchthe Stper Bowl &ns ahgroup in aSbanquet room.

/p>!spanilass="'st_facebook_hcoun' srt_itle='Lakers 1ike the Steelers in Super Bowl srt_url'http://blog.lakers.com/lakers/2011/02/06/lakers-like-the-steelers-in-super-bowl/' /dispayeext_'shoare'!spanilass="'st_twiher._hcoun' srt_itle='Lakers 1ike the Steelers in Super Bowl srt_url'http://blog.lakers.com/lakers/2011/02/06/lakers-like-the-steelers-in-super-bowl/' /dispayeext_'shoare'!/p> /sdiv /-- .intry-ontent/p->< !divilass=""intry-foo/"> ##!divilass=""intry-enta> # /sdiv /-- .intry-enta ->< /sdiv /-- .intry-foo/ ->< /sdiv /-- #aost2ID ->< ldivilass=""onments/> # !divilass=""entaink "> eed"{or (hei sEntry/sa /sdiv
< < /sdiv /-- .onments/ ->< ldivid='gnav-below"class="wnavigaion > < laquo; Lakers B01, Hornets 95: Feb. 5 Running Diary'/sa lrquo; /sa< ldivid='gdynamic-ontent/"< /sdiv /-- #armagry-wapper -><
ldivid='gseachi-form-wapp> !label{or 'gs"id='gteachi-label">Seachi{or : /spanid='gteachioads, //div Mgrhoal- Wins Bntit#TBT Psti/sa < < LaVine Hiis Rare Air/sa < < D’At/oniLRvigne-/sa < < Svie'th I-ing DStretch wih: KndUal- Mgrhoal-/sa < <Off-Season/sa (223) lsli itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:AAndrew Bynu/> Andrew Bynu//sa< (197) lsli JasonLKapono/sa (2) lsli itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:AKndUal- Mgrhoal-> itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:AKnde Bazemor > itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:AKobeoBryant LKobeoBryant/sa< (435) lsli Lamr Omom /sa< (154) lsli Lue tWalton/sa< (107) lsli itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:AMetta World Peac > Metta World Peac /sa< (17) lsli Nick Young/sa< (18) lsli itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:APau Gaso-">Pau Gaso-/sa (216) lsli Ramon Sesion' /sa< (7) lsli itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:ARber t Sacr > Rber t Sacr /sa< (5) lsli itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:ARbn Arenti> Rbn Arenti/sa (38) lsli itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:ASahoa Vujacic> Sahoa Vujacic/sa (85) lsli TheoARatliff/sa< (5) lsli Trevor Ariza/sa< (57) lsli itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:APsti-Gme > Psti-Gme /sa< (534) lsli Pactice- Nws /sa< (357) lsli itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:APre2Gme > Pre2Gme /sa (332) lsli itle="RView allpostis ile=d uner:APreiew_> Preiew_/sa (311) lsli Traging- Camp/sa (128) lsli Transacion /sa< (13) lsli Unategoryized/sa< (1) lsli lal:="Addto: GoogleLRvadr." lal:="Addto: Yahoo RSS"/sa !sdiv !sdiv /divid='gext/-6"class="wwidget widget_ext/"> script type="text/javascript"> sfb:fan proile=_d='g144917055340 ttyream"g; omnnecton ="4 /idth:="175>!ahlass="'esswidget href='http://blog.lakers.com/lakers/2"ategory-/injury-ews /eed/"'title='Seyndicaie(hei sontent/' /sa< lahlass="'esswidget href='http://blog.lakers.com/lakers/'title='Setay up to day wih: he bate"stnew s, updte"s, ngd ress kconferences from your Los Atgeesh Lkers/.'>INJURY NEWS/sa!ul /liInjury Updte": Faragr, Gaso-, Kaman ngd Naho/saInjury Updte": Knte Bazemor /saInjury Updte": Gaso-,LHenry ngd Naho/saInjury Updte": Pau Gaso-/sa lsli /sul /sdiv /divid='grss-5"class="wwidget widget_ess"!ahlass="'esswidget href='http://bww.wba/com/nakers/2ess.xml'title='Seyndicaie(hei sontent/' /sa< lahlass="'esswidget href='http://bww.wba/com/nakers/2'title='SLos Atgeesh Lkers/ eamN Nws '>FROM LAKERScom//sa!ul /li0117APayers Capsule: Luo- Deng/saRssumen d tTamporadaS0117: Luo- Deng/sa0117APayers Capsule: Ivica Zuack/saRssumen d tTamporadaS0117: Ivica Zuack/saRssumen d tTamporadaS0117: TarikbBakck/saMONTHLY ARCHIVES
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