Odom Helps Lakers Win, Gets Eight Stitches

On ESPN’s late night version of “SportsCenter” out of Los Angeles, anchor Neil Everett quipped that Lamar Odom nearly had a triple-double in L.A.’s 92-86 victory in Boston on Thursday night.

He finished with 10 points, 12 rebounds, and … eight stitches.

After tipping in Pau Gasol’s near miss at the rim at the end of the third quarter, Odom turned quickly to get back on defense and ran straight into the Spaniard, slamming his head into Gasol’s mouth/chin area. It was a quite a collision, drawing an open wound on Odom’s bald head due to some contact with Gasol’s teeth.

“My grandma used to say, ‘Scars give you character,’” said Odom, laughing it off after the game.

It happened with 51 seconds left in the third quarter, Odom’s tip putting L.A. up 72-67 and capping what was a terrific quarter for the Lakers. Head trainer Gary Vitti then closed the wound with some glue on the bench, allowing Odom to return to start a fourth quarter in which he was terrific, grabbing six of his 12 rebounds and nailing a three-pointer for the first bucket of the final period. After the game ended, Odom had to get the stitches to close the wound, which seemed to knock a degree of sense into his game.

“Second half (Odom) played well, first half I was on him a little bit,” said Phil Jackson. “I thought he was trying to do too many things individually, (but) the second half he played the kind of game we know he can play.”

Odom sarcastically joked in the postgame locker room that the stitches came at a “perfect” time, since he’s hosting a launch party with his wife, Khloe Kardashian, for the couple’s unisex fragrance “Unbreakable.”