Blake on the Road

On a trip like L.A.’s Grammy trek through seven NBA cities in 12 days, there are many sights to be seen, many things to do, all kinds of ways to keep oneself busy off the basketball court.

Even with limited time outside of the games, practices and film sessions, some players partake, particularly in cities like New York and Boston.

Steve Blake? He usually just chills.

“I watch movies in the room, mostly, maybe find some nice places to eat dinner,” he said prior to L.A.’s loss in Charlotte. “For the most part I just stay in the room unless I have family in the town that I’m in.”

In the past few nights, Blake said he’s watched “Skyline” and “Jackass 3,” the latter of which he found hilarious, particularly the scene where the guys were messing around with the jet from a plane engine and … uh, we probably shouldn’t print that.

Alas, Blake’s other primary past time on the road is calling his wife, Kristen, and three sons back in Los Angeles.

“I call home all the time,” he offered. “We always keep in touch just to see what’s going on and how they’re doing. My oldest is four, he can have a regular conversation where we talk about his school and stuff. My two year old just wants to hold the phone and speak whatever language he’s speaking right now. You can talk to him, but you can’t make out a lot of his words.

“We usually do use Skype but this trip we haven’t since my wife and kids have been kind of sick.”

Blake’s on-court team is not a cliquey one, a basketball squad that has little in common with the middle school lunch table.

“Everybody hangs out with everybody, which is nice,” the former National Champ at Maryland explained. “Some teams will have clique of two or three guys, but we don’t.”

Blake goes grubbing most often with Luke Walton and Shannon Brown, as well as Matt Barnes — currently back in L.A. rehabilitating his knee — when he’s traveling, but had dinner with Derek Fisher the other night and sometimes Kobe Bryant.

He’ll have a chance for one more dinner on Tuesday night in Cleveland before the final game of the trip against the Cavs on Wednesday. Then maybe one more movie on the flight back to his wife and boys in California.