Kobe Bryant’s All-Star Media Session

Below is a summary of Kobe Bryant’s media session on Friday afternoon during Western Conference All-Star availability:

- Bryant was asked the first of many times if he could put a finger on L.A.’s struggles during the last week prior to the All-Star break, responding simply that the team addressed it internally and was well aware of what needed to be done.

- On the event: “I don’t think anything will ever be as big or match the size of the Super Bowl, but this is really turning to be a hell of a show. There’s a lot going on.”

- Bryant explained that there is a little bit of trash talking going amongst the players, but mostly it’s just sharing stories from the first half of the season. As for the game, Bryant echoed comments from anyone who’s ever played in the game by saying that the fourth quarter is when things actually pick up like a real game.

- On if L.A.’s recent struggles are fixable: “Yup, absolutely.” Bryant went on to explain that it’s natural for teams to go through struggles, and that his focus remains only upon figuring things out fully prior to the postseason. He described it as such: “That’s the challenge of playing the game … that’s what brings the excitement, not knowing. Even when you’re rolling and playing extremely well, there’s still the unknown of saying, ‘Well, this could slip from us at any given moment at any game in the series.’ We have a better chance at figuring it out than some of the other teams.”

- The questions that he doesn’t want to hear any more: “Why the Lakers (stink), and where Carmelo is going?”

- Bryant eventually started answering the former question about the Lakers struggles by stating, voice thick with sarcasm, that the Lakers had no chance of winning.

On who’s the most underrated player in the NBA: “Pau Gasol. He is. He just is. He’s extremely versatile. He can pass, he can score, he can post, he can face up, he can block shots. In my opinion, he’s the most underrated player.”