Lakers: NBA’s Best Road Team

Who is the NBA’s best road team?

For much of season, the Dallas Mavericks have held that title, winning a series of early-season games out East and holding stubbornly onto the best record. Phil Jackson even mentioned how well the Mavs have played on the road in his chat prior to L.A.’s Wednesday evening contest in Golden State.

But Mark Cuban’s 110-82 loss to the Lakers in Los Angeles preceded back-to-back losses at Portland and Golden State, the three-game losing streak dropping the Mavs’ road record to 27-13.

Which means the league’s new best road team could end up being … the Lakers.

At 26-12 with three games left (at G.S., at Portland and at Sacramento), L.A. has a chance to go 29-12, besting the Mavs, Heat (26-13), Bulls (23-15), Celtics (23-15) and Spurs (25-14).

The Lakers lost at Chicago back on Dec. 10, and to the Heat on March 10, but have won in their most recent trips to Boston (Feb. 10), Dallas (March 12) and San Antonio (March 6). They also have wins at Portland, Oklahoma City and most teams currently in playoff position.

Throughout their last two championship runs, the Lakers have won at least one playoff game against all eight opponents.