Lakers Among the Numbers Leaders

The Lakers have had pretty well-balanced contributions across most of the major statistical categories this season, with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum finding themselves amongst NBA leaders in a multitude of areas.

We took a look at their respective places among the league’s best scorers, passers, rebounders, shooters, shot blockers and most efficient players:

1) Kevin Durant: 27.8
2) LeBron James: 26.6
3) Dwyane Wade: 25.7
4) Amare Stoudemire: 25.5
5) Carmelo Anthony: 25.5
6) Kobe Bryant: 25.1
22) Pau Gasol: 18.9

Note: Of the top 10 scorers, Bryant (33.9 minutes) and Kevin Martin (23.5 points in 32.4 minutes) are the only players that don’t rank in the NBA’s Top 50 in minutes played. As such, Bryant ranks first in points per 48 minutes at 35.6, with Martin second at 34.8 and Anthony third at 34.2.

1) Steve Nash: 11.4
2) Rajon Rondo: 11.3
3) Deron Williams: 10.3
4) Chris Paul: 9.8
5) Jose Calderon: 8.9
31) Kobe Bryant: 4.7
Note: No Laker ranks in the top 20 in part due to the principles of ball movement within Tex Winter and Phil Jackson’s triangle offense, as many players get their hands on the ball each possession, contrary to what Phoenix does with Nash or Boston with Rondo. Also, Bryant operates in isolation sets frequently (or just holds onto the ball), as do Gasol and Bynum and at times Odom, limiting opportunities for assists going to one particular player. That said, the Lakers still average 21.99 dimes per game, with six players notching at least two per game for a total that’s 13th in the NBA.

1) Kevin Love: 15.2
2) Dwight Howard: 14.2
3) Zach Randolph: 12.2
4) Blake Griffin: 12.2
5) Kris Humphries: 10.4
6) Pau Gasol: 10.2
10) Andrew Bynum*: 9.5
14) Lamar Odom: 8.7

*Bynum, who missed the team’s first 24 games and two more with a suspension, does not yet have enough boards to qualify.
Note: The Lakers have three players in the top 14 on this chart, while no other team has more than one player. As a team, L.A. ranks third on the glass overall, fourth on offense and sixth on defense. Bryant is the league’s third best rebounding guard at 5.1 per game, after only Dwyane Wade (6.5) and Landry Fields (6.3).

1) Nene: .614
2) Dwight Howard: .596
3) Emeka Okafor: .579
4) Andrew Bynum: .576
5) Al Horford: .557
6) Marcin Gortat: .556
7) Javale McGee: .549
8) Serge Ibaka: .546
9) Thaddeus Young: .540
10) Lamar Odom: .534
11) Paul Millsap: .531
12) Pau Gasol: .530
Note: The numbers are showing us just how valuable L.A.’s three big men are, all ranking in the league’s top 14 in rebounding and top 12 in field goal percentage. Like on the glass, no other team has more than one player in the top 12.

1) Andrew Bogut: 2.58
2) Javale McGee: 2.44
3) Dwight Howard: 2.4
4) Serge Ibaka: 2.37
5) Darko Milicic: 2.03
6) Andrew Bynum: 1.96
14) Pau Gasol
: 1.64
Note: A healthy Andrew Bynum, otherwise known as post-All-Star-break Bynum, would rank third in rebounding (13.0), tie for first in field goal percentage (.641) and tie for third in blocks (2.4).

1) LeBron James: 27.22
2) Dwight Howard: 26.19
3) Dwyane Wade:25.70
4) Kevin Love: 24.42
5) Chris Paul: 24.37
6) Kobe Bryant: 23.79
9) Pau Gasol: 23.49
18) Andrew Bynum: 21.66
31) Lamar Odom: 19.55
Note: John Hollinger’s Player Efficiency Rating has three Lakers in the top 20, the only team which can say so, and four in the top 31. The Heat (James and Wade), Thunder (Durant and Russell Westbrook), Knicks (Stoudemire and Anthony) and Spurs (Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili) all have two in the top 20.