Lakers – Thunder Postgame Numbers

We compiled some of the more interesting numbers from L.A.’s 120-106 the Oklahoma City Thunder, as the Lakers lost for the fifth straight time.

0 Games ahead of Dallas in the Western standings, the Lakers drawing even with the Mavs, who won earlier against Phoenix. The Lakers do have the tiebreaker, however, and controlled their own destiny with two games left and the No. 2 seed still theirs to lose.

1 Lakers turnover in the first three quarters.

9 Lakers turnovers in the fourth quarter, certainly a deciding factor in the game.

31 Points for Kobe Bryant, his first time above 30 in April. He made 10-of-19 FG’s and 9-of-10 FT’s, but struggled in the final three minutes.

35 Free throw attempts for the Thunder, including six in the final minute with the game already over (all three fouls on Ron Artest). OKC made 32, for a 91.4% success rate.

55.6 OKC’s shooting percentage in the game, paced by Kevin Durant’s 11-of-15 for 31 points to match Bryant.

66 First half points for the Thunder, the most L.A. has conceded all season.