Bryant Gets a T Back

When Kobe Bryant was whistled for his 15th technical foul of the season after getting wrapped up with Oklahoma City’s Kendrick Perkins on Sunday, the tweets started coming in wondering if Bryant could be suspended for the playoffs were he to get No. 16 in the team’s final game at Sacramento.

While the answer to that question is “no,” it doesn’t matter quite as much to the Lakers since the NBA rescinded Kobe’s 14th technical foul from Friday night’s game at Portland. Referee Violet Palmer T’d Bryant up thinking he’d intended to throw the ball at a Blazers player, but he was simply tossing it back to a different referee. As such, his 15th T became his 14th, two away from the 16 that mandate a one-game suspension.

Had that T stuck, and had Bryant been given another against San Antonio on Tuesday, he’d have missed Wednesday’s game in the state capitol. Had he been T’d up in that Kings game, he’d have missed the first game of 2011-12.

Now, Bryant would either have to pick up one in each game, or be tossed with two in one contest (don’t bet on it).