Down 2-0 Yet Full of Laughs

After falling for a second consecutive time at home, some may have been surprised to see the Lakers laughing, joking and exuding confidence after Thursday’s practice, particularly due to the team’s subpar play in Game 2.

“Everything will be all right,” said Lamar Odom.

“It’s a game and we know it’s a game and we play it and we play it hard and we anticipate winning in Dallas,” said Phil Jackson.

“It’s not that big of a deal to win two games in a row,” said Kobe Bryant. “Stop acting like you’ve never won two games in a row.”

Of course, there are the stats that show teams losing their first two games at home have come back to win only three of 18 series. Yet the Lakers are 1-1 in such circumstances, coming back to beat San Francisco in 1969, while being swept by eventual champion Portland (featuring Luke Walton’s father Bill) in 1977.

It would appear that this current group of Lakers — even if they didn’t play like it in Game 2 or down the stretch of Game 1 — would cite the 1969 situation before that of 1977, however inapplicable they are heading into Game 3 in Dallas.

All in all, the Lakers know their words don’t really mean anything, and vowed to show what they’re made of in the court. They’ll have their chance in less than 24 hours.