Shannon Brown: 2010-11 Exit Interview

Shannon Brown averaged 8.7 points on 42.5 percent field goals and 34.9 percent from three with 1.2 assists, 1.9 rebounds and 0.8 steals per game. In the playoffs, he went for 7.2 points on 45.9 percent shooting and 28.0 percent from three with 1.9 rebounds, 0.7 assists and 0.6 steals.

He started the season red hot from the field, shooting 48 percent in November (45 percent from three) but his percentages went steadily down thereafter as defense adjusted, and he shot under 40 percent after the All-Star break. Below is a summary of Brown’s exit interview:

- On the frustration of the final game: “It’s very, very frustrating, and I apologized to (Phil Jackson) face-to-face, told him that was a terrible way for him to go out. I really can’t put it into words how disappointing, upset, embarrassed, frustrating it really was and it still hurts.”

- Brown, who has a player option for next season, said he isn’t sure whether he’s going to opt out of his contract or not. He’s going to try and relax with his wife, go on vacation, and talk to his agent to figure things out. He did say that he’d love to be a Laker again, but didn’t want to get into the topic. He did say that he’d “love to be a Laker again. The fans receive me well, this is a great place. La La land.”

- On Andrew Bynum’s “trust issues” comments: “When he said trust issues I think that got blown out of proportion. It basically came down to not running our offense correctly and not being on the same page on the defensive end. The way it came out was us not trusting each other, but that’s pretty much all he meant.”

- On what he’d like to work on in the offseason: “Everything, every aspect of my basketball game. I’m not one that just works on one thing. From the knowledge of the game to my shooting, to my dribbling, to my passing, to my decision making … I’m going to work on every aspect of my game and continue to get better.” He said his season was “All right.” He pointed out playing all 82 games for the second straight season, and that he’s ready for future challenges.

- On if he’s disappointed in the bench: “We had two new guys in Barnes and Blake that were still trying to learn everything about the offense and the defense, and they have their own personal basketball knowledge, but when you talk about playing in the triangle and our principles about basketball are a little bit different than other places. I think they were still trying to figure that out, and as far as the whole bench together, we were working hard as a team … it was just we couldn’t quite get over that hump.”

- Brown described his vacation plans as “A little something of everywhere.”

- On Phil Jackson: “He’s taught me so much. He allowed me to showcase my talents to the world … he had that confidence in me. He let me play through mistakes and everything. I just really can’t explain what he’s done for me and my basketball career.”

- Brown’s impression from his meeting was that Mitch Kupchak is “definitely try to get to the bottom of why” the team lost.

- On dealing with what he called the “humiliation” of losing: “Friends, family, staying away from the negativity because I have a bad temper. Really just trying to stay in my own element and focus on the future. It’s definitely still a disbelief. Waking up and not having to go to practice or shootaround, going to a game. I haven’t been watching any basketball games, just trying to really figure it out.”