Mike Brown on “Lopez Tonight”

As a guest on “Lopez Tonight” with George Lopez, Mike Brown seemed to be having quite a bit of fun.

From his excitement to coaching “angry men,” his phone conversation with Kobe Bryant and his eldest son’s crush on the Kardashian girls, Brown touched on things all across the spectrum. Here’s a quick summary:

On taking over a team with high expectations:
Brown: It’s better. I’m excited about taking this team over because these guys are used to be playing right now. They’re not, so they’re sitting at home trying to avoid the TV. They’re angry men right now. I’d rather have a group of angry men that have a point to prove not only to themselves, but to all these lovely fans in L.A., that hey, we ended our season too early.

On his defensive philosophy, and specific players as assets:
Brown: Sometimes that ball isn’t going to go in the hole, so you gotta get it done on the defensive end of the floor. You gotta bring that effort. There’s a nice foundation in the defensive end of the floor. You have to two big seven footers, you have the versatility of Lamar Odom, you got the mean toughness in big Ron Ron, and then you have the sleekness in my man Kobe Bryant.

On his conversation with Kobe Bryant:
Brown: I texted him and said ‘Kobe, it’s Coach Brown, are you available?’ He hit me back, he was at his daughter’s recital, I said ‘Don’t drop the camcorder, I’ll call you later.’ So I ended up calling him a little later when he got back. We had a great talk. I had a chance to speak with his lovely life Vanessa. She’s from down in the area where my boys are probably going to go to school, and a young lady that we’re taking guardianship over, so she gave me the low down, the scoop of all the schools down there and the places to live and all that other stuff.

On L.A.’s success:
Brown: You gotta give credit to Dr. Buss, Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak. They have a sustained level of success that not many teams have not just in basketball, but in all of sports. The Lakers have been (there) year after year after year. You see it and you feel it when you walk into their facilities and you see the championship banners and trophies. They’ve been successful time after time after time with very little downfall.

On his children:
Brown: We have two boys, and there’s a young lady whom we’re taking guardianship over. She’s 17… My oldest boy is Elijah, he’s 16 and going to be a junior. My youngest boy is Cameron, he’s 14 and going to be a freshman next year.

On his son’s Kardashian crush:
Brown: My oldest boy is excited to see Kobe, the Black Mamba and all that, hardest worker … and he said, ‘Dad, I can’t wait to meet Lamar … that’s my man, and that’s my way to the Kardashian sisters.’ I said, Elijah, I don’t know all the sister’s names, but Khloe’s taken, obviously. (Kourtney) is taken. I said, ‘you’re two million dollars short of taking Kim,’ and I said, ‘Who’s left?’ He said, ‘They’ve got some younger sisters.’ I have to apologize to (their father) Bruce (Jenner). My kid’s a good kid, and I’ll make sure he won’t act up.