Fisher Says Hello

Yes, it’s been a while since Derek Fisher set foot in the team’s practice facility, but the reporters that inhabited the space on Friday afternoon had seen quite a lot of him.

As President of the NBPA, Fisher played the most critical of roles as the players union and NBA worked to negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, which was tentatively agreed upon early last Saturday morning.

As such, it’s finally time for Fisher to turn his attention to basketball, certainly a relief for the Lakers’ co-captain.

“I learned a great deal, but hopefully next week will be back to basketball and back to business as usual,” he said. “That’s the part I’m really thinking about. It was an exhausting ordeal, but I’m still in a great space in terms of getting to know Coach Brown, getting to that point where we want to be as a team. That’s where the energy will come from.”

When Brown was asked about Fisher’s state of mind heading into training camp during his and Mitch Kupchak’s Friday morning’s press conference, Brown said that he doesn’t worry too much about Fisher, whom he trusts as a veteran who has always taken care of his business.

Brown did use the word “possibly” instead of “probably” when asked if Fisher would be his starter, but may have simply been implying that things work work themselves out during training camp.

Eager to get back onto the court, Fisher didn’t talk for long, but joked that he was smart enough to at least throw the media a bone with a few comments: “I’ve learned not to have this much media waste a trip.”