Gasol Practice Interview Summary

Certain NBA players always have something interesting to say when interviewed, and as Pau Gasol is around the top of that list, we summarized his comments from the team’s media session prior to Tuesday’s practice:

- It’s Gasol’s feeling that the Lakers can simply play “a lot better as a team.” His way of explaining how they can get it done had less to do with offensive or defensive execution and more to do with trusting one another within the scheme, and enjoying playing with one another. In other words, the little things that come easily when players know exactly what is expected of them make a big difference, but it’s admittedly difficult for L.A. right now as they continue to learn the new system and integrate with new players (Josh McRoberts, Jason Kapono, Troy Murphy, Darius Morris and Andrew Goudelock) on the fly. Mike Brown also alluded to this, suggesting that the team would be much better once that trust was developed.

- Here’s Gasol’s way of explaining that while the team is upset about losing games they feel they should have won and not playing up to their potential due to whatever circumstances, they’re trying to keep things in perspective: “Losing makes everybody a little frustrated and upset. It’s part of the sport. But we continue to keep our minds confident … it’s just come down to a couple of games that if we would have won, things would be different: 12-6 would have been different from 10-8. But we have to have a little sense of urgency and make sure we value every single game.”

- Gasol called Wednesday’s contest against the Clippers a “serious” game. He acknowledged that the Clips have a better record, but did qualify the statement a bit by saying they’ve had an “easier schedule than we probably did so far.” He implied that he fully expects a win if the Lakers play their game.

- Gasol also spent some time discussing low post touches, with reporters wondering whether or not he felt like he should get more. Check out the next blog post for full details.