A Chat with Josh McRoberts

Late last week, we chatted with Lakers forward Josh McRoberts for a few minutes after practice, to discuss the painful sprained toe that kept him out for six games, his focus on doing the “little things,” getting a new car and some of his friendships on the team:

On his toe:
McRoberts: I’m feeling better. I’m not 100 percent yet, but I’ll get better once I get my conditioning fully back. The type of injury it is makes it more difficult. Our training staff works on it, to see how much motion and bruising I have, but it’s a fine line between putting too much pressure on it and taking time to rest.

On his weak side defensive effort:
McRoberts: It’s something I think I can help with by understanding rotations and covering for guys. I don’t expect people to really notice it; I don’t know if a fan watching would notice it, because I wouldn’t if I were watching. People want to see Kobe score 40, for example … but there are savvy Lakers fans that may notice. At the end of the day I know the coaches and my teammates notice, so that’s what matters. I think doing those little thing is one of my roles here.

On if he’s had a moment to enjoy being in Los Angeles:
McRoberts: The season has been so hectic that it’s been tough to gage, but I will say it’s a lot more fun to be on the court than to be on the sideline hurt. I’m just happy to be back on the court, and can’t wait to get back to 100 percent in shape.

On if he sorted out his car situation:
McRoberts: Well, I had the (Toyota) Prius I was borrowing, then I had a rental, and now I finally had a chance to lease a car. But I’m not a car guy … I just want something that runs. It’s not a big deal to me.

On his relationship with Troy Murphy:
McRoberts: We played together for a few years in Indiana, so I just know him pretty well and we’re pretty good friends. We’ll have dinner together on the road every once in a while. Murph helped me a lot in Indiana, because he was a starter when I was in my second year in the league, and he’d talk me through stuff. I’d guard him in practice, and he’d help me through plays. Now that I’m in my fifth year, it’s not as one sided, as we can sort of communicate together on the floor about what we see … but he still knows a lot more than I do. I also will hang out with Steve (Blake), who I spent a year with in Portland.

On the team chemistry for a team with a lot of new faces:
McRoberts: I feel comfortable as a new guy. Everybody gets along well, and it’s a great group of guys. But it is a locker room that focuses on hoops. Guys really are focused. Some other locker rooms have more jokes than not, and there is a time and a place for everything, but people here really come in here and get their work done.